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Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.22.25 AMI would love to hear how everyone else is! Please use the comments to tell me about the projects you’re working on, your goals for 2015 or just how you’re doing today! 

No Survivors.

We’re enslaved to the things we can’t control, that’s life. Our faults are the things we can change, and don’t. We go through life with such slow precaution in fear of losing what we have, despite not knowing what it is. Life takes prisoners but leaves no survivors so don’t settle for a life, confined within your worries. Don’t sacrifice control of your future for security in right now.



I am a twenty-something girl writing about the struggles of my love life, self-discovery and bottomless mind.

I created the blog ‘Young & Twenty’ to build a community of struggling post grads and sure enough, I gained 11,000 subscribers within 5 months.

I now hope to take Young & Twenty further and build a brand, accessible to a larger audience.

D O N A T I O N S W I L L :

1.  Allow for a graphic & web deisgner to improve the look and convenience of the Young & Twenty desktop format as well as mobile.

2. Cover the annual costs of hosting fees and a personalized domain name.

3. Give me the ability to run an ad-free blog.

4. Allow me to put my time into my blog so that I can achieve my goal and prove, that there is success from once a struggle.

5. Help me find fun & interactive ways to market my blog to a larger audience.


Y O U   W I L L   R E C E I V E :

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2. The email will include a free, downloadable PDF file including an exclusive 4×6 quote from Y&T.

3. Your Name and Blog (or other information) will be displayed on a ‘Contributor’ page on Young & Twenty.

Growth of my blog will not stop unless I do – and I don’t plan to!

Please, be apart of the journey to raise awareness about the stigma of a less then perfect mind.


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.22.25 AM

I look forward to the future of Young & Twenty.

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A Gloomy Day.

Not enough people appreciate the beauty in a gloomy day. The sky teases us for hours with raindrops and distant thunder. It’s a day of suspense, a beautiful build up. We carry on, living our lives beneath a chaotic mess and we live knowing the end is worth waiting for.

The darkest days have the quietest air, letting a person’s true self be revealed for there’s no better test then how someone weathers the storm.

Thunderstorms aren’t sadness just like happiness isn’t the sun. Just like people who leave the clouds in the hands of the sky see a different allure then those who hold the clouds on a string.


I am so excited to announce that I have received my first GoFundMe donation. It’s inspiring to know that strangers can put such hope in others!

In celebration, I have created the Contributors page. This is the smallest way I can say thank you to those who have supported my project, Young & Twenty.

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Thank you to the (unfortunately) anonymous donor!

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Dreaming of Perfection.

Don’t skip dinner with friends or pass on a tall glass of wine. Don’t stand in front of the candles on your Birthday cake, wishing for them to be gone and don’t count down the days to Thanksgiving like you count down the calories until you’re ‘full’. Don’t let the seconds in your day, waste away like the numbers on your scale.

I would love my faults if I believed you ever could but for as long as you hold my hand loose and let your eyes stray, I will understand beauty to be what they want. I will stand in front of the mirror and suck in my stomach. I will flip celebrity magazines and dream of perfection. I will wake up early to hide the things I hate and I will wrestle with myself, when I can’t be enough.

I will look at the floor when he tells me my smile’s pretty. I will argue non-stop when he says I’m perfection. I will run the other way when he grabs for my hand because I’ll remember to you, I wasn’t enough. 

I will reject the idea of love until I find someone to teach me that life isn’t about how you look. It’s about the person looking at you.