bonded by time.

UntitleddssdToo often, we are bonded by time. By the yo-yo of memories we share with a person. We make our mistakes in pen. Forever imprinting ourselves with things we can’t run from, things we can’t forget. Sometimes we stay, long after loves left because the past is comfortable and the past once made sense.

No matter the depth a relationship has fallen, there’s a way to climb out and escape it’s tight grip. There’s new memories to make and new people to make them with, so don’t lose your sense of wonder. Don’t dirty your blank slate with marker and don’t forget how to love, like you never heard his name.

all things bad.

UnfftitledYou hold a fascination for all things bad. Bad for you. Bad to you. You fall for the wrong people. You love knowing they have dark thoughts, bad habits and broken personalities hidden beneath their fearless attitudes. You love the intensity of their moods and the honesty in their words. You quickly accept you can’t have simple love. You need someone to fight daemons with you.

In the midst of falling for others flaws, you fall victim to your own. You begin feeding your inner enemy, confusing your mistakes for who you want to be. You look at your life through a tangled web of rope. You hide behind the wrong people and the wrong choices; despite hating the person they make you.

you could be enough.

Untitled sdYou can’t admit he doesn’t want you. His eyes don’t light up when you walk in the room. Your inbox shows no evidence of him. Your sheets are tangled from your own distress.

You still flinch when you hear his name. The way you wish things were occupy your mind while reality tells a different truth. Your life has plans he’ll never be apart of but you tear yourself apart wishing he were by your side.

Wishing for once in your life, you could be enough. That you could lay beside him on the nights you stay up, full of rage and sorrow. The nights you’re punching pillows. The nights lonely never felt so alone.

embrace the fall.

UntitledvdcJack-in-the-boxes taught us to expect the unexpected. Show and Tell taught us the worth of having more, having better, having the best. Finger painting taught us the mess we’re capable of and the colours we show, without any intention. Skipping rocks taught us the fight of sink versus swim and a simple game of tag, taught the power of a touch.

We’ve spent years finding lessons within life, yet there’s still so much we don’t know, and so much we haven’t learned. A frustrating idea to some, but a sense of excitement for those who understand, we should be so fortunate to live in a world of the unknown.

So remember the things you learned in the rows of a classroom, but, don’t be mislead. Our educations leave us staring at a wall, and once we turn around, we fall into life’s depths and with that we learn, we must embrace the fall because those who fall are wiser, then those who grab for air.

effortless love.

UntitledscsI don’t need you to follow me store to store, credit card in hand, because I’m not that type of girl. I don’t need you to cancel your plans when I’m at home alone, because I don’t crave you all the time. I don’t need you to point at the shiniest star and declare it as my own, because I don’t want that kind of love.

I need your arms to keep me warm and your words to keep me company. Your smile, to steal one of my own and your jokes to keep it lit. I need what the poorest man can give and the richest man’s forgotten. The stories cavemen drew and the endings, romantic’s write.

I need the blindsiding creation of effortless love. The kind we spend our lives waiting for. The emotions we never knew we had. For, I’m surrounded by people who need the world while all I need, is you in mine.

after tonight.

UntitledcIt’s the start of a good thing, the start of a love song, the start of a moment meant to last. Because after tonight the stars will dance a little different, and the waves will kiss a little softer and the sun will beam a little brighter.

We’ll share yesterday’s that will change our tomorrow’s. We’ll tell secrets we can’t take back, make memories we can’t forget. Our pasts will be that time, or I remember when. They won’t be right now because right now is us and right now is perfect.

5 honest truths about mental health.


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Apparently today is World Mental Health day so I feel the need to do my part and share this post. A lot of my posts discuss mental health but this one is specifically an effort to help end the stigma.

Please read or share & get the message out there.

Thank you!

Originally posted on Young & Twenty:

Mental health isn’t a trend. It isn’t a group on Facebook or a card to play for pity. Mental health is a backpack you can’t take off, carrying the weight of your past and the burden of your thoughts. It’s a loss of control, the truth behind your mask. It’s your head in your hands and ringing in your ears. So, don’t say you’re sorry; say you understand. Don’t say statistics; say you cry too. Don’t say this world is hard; say it’s possible to survive.

mental health1. Depression. Depression isn’t suicidal. It doesn’t paint purple bags beneath your eyes or leave your wrists scared with self-loath. There’s no rain cloud over your head or an all black dress code. You don’t spend your days choking on tears with makeup stained cheeks. Depression isn’t an Instagram caption, proclaiming sadness about a broken heel and it isn’t an opportunity to incorporate self-pity into casual…

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the strangers.

UntitledvdvdsI still fiddle with the locks and check that every window’s closed shut. I tuck my blanket beneath my body and lie in bed with comfort, knowing my feet are protected from harm. My eyes scan the dark room as I search for shadows within my closet and I get chills down my back when I sense the eerie presence that comes around at night. I close my eyes and roll into the space where you use to fit. Where in your arms I felt safe and protected. Where the warmth of your body silenced all that is wrong.

I toss and I turn ’till the early dark hours, until finally I accept that the strangers in the streets can’t compete with the stranger of who I am, just as the monsters in my closet are nothing compared to the monsters in my head. 

bowzer box [september review]


Bowzer Box was kind enough to send me another box to review!  This is a Canadian company in Waterloo, ON. Their boxes are full of dog treats, toys, accessories and coupons. The quality of the products are impressive, making them something every owner should be proud to give their furry, family members. Thank you again, Bowzer Box! I can’t say enough how much I love this service.

Theme: This months theme was called, Down on the Farm!, which included treats and toys involving farm animals. My box was based on pigs and I’m extremely impressed by the effort and thought put into it.

Costs: $29/month, $78/quarter, $138/half-year, plus $4.50 shipping per box.


The company allows you to chose a service specifically aimed for a small, medium or large dog. I received the Medium box, despite having a small dog but as the people at Bowzer Box advised me, it’s suited for all sizes. Aside for the case of one treat, I found this to be true.

DSC_2827Bottle Buddy (Plush Buddy): This pink pig is a clever way to give your dog the crackle and amusement of a water bottle without direct contact with the plastic. I’ve seen these products around and have always known the enjoyment it would bring my puppy. Unfortunately, this toy turned out to be a little too big so I removed the bottle and gave my dog the cover. The cover is made from a tough, tear-resistant lining and the bottle is standard aside from a replaceable ‘squeak lid’. Making this toy long lasting.

“GOT BUISCETS?” :  These three pig shaped cookies by Amelia Cookies, look like something you could get out of a bakery. Not only did my dog love these, they were an adorable addition to the ‘Down By The Farm’ theme.

9″ Smart n’ Tasty Piggy Twist: This all Natural Dog Chew was by far my puppy’s favourite treat from the box. I broke it into pieces because I knew, if I didn’t, I would lose her for the remainder of the evening.

DSC_2832A large roll of degradable poop bags: ALWAYS NECCESARY!

Northern Lamb Berry - Soft & Chewy Bites: This treat is full of admirable qualities including the fact that is made in Canada. My puppy has loved these treats as do I, seeing as they’ve made the training process survivable. They easily break apart and come in a full sized package, which is something that I feel, makes Barker Box such an amazing company.

Hero Dehydrated Dog Treats : These two pieces of dehydrated dog treats come in a simple yet trendy brown paper bag. This is the one treat I was unable to give my dog as the pieces were fairly large.

Stella & Chewy’s - Only the Good Stuff: This is a ‘Duck, Duck, Goose, Dinner Party’ including a single serving of 95% poultry, organs and bones. The meal can be left as is, or have water added. I have not yet tried this product out but it’s such a different concept then I’m use too that I can’t wait!

As this is my second Bowzer Box, I have learned the importance of expanding my pets treats and keeping everyday different and exciting. These boxes are perfect at doing so and once again, so ideal for new dog owners. With Christmas coming up, Bowzer Box acts as a gift that keeps on giving. Aside from the undeniable excitement of receiving a package in the mail, these boxes prove to be a bonding experience between an owner and pet.

View my last Bowzer Box review, here.

For more information, visit Bowzer Box and use the promo code ‘Y&T10′ at checkout to get 10% off!