5 disney movies that taught us about life.


1. Peter Pan taught us to let go of our pasts and the familiar we’ve lived to know. It taught us the gain in growing up and growing vulnerable. There’s beauty in the future as long as we keep the beauty of our past.

2. Lion King reminded us of the disappointment that comes from the battle against fate. You can’t change who you are, so be the best you can be. Be brave, be prepared, be strong enough to face the life you’ve been given.

3. Bambi told us that life is love, loss, and a world that keeps turning, even in our darkest times. We’re not exceptions; we’re together in life, standing on a thin piece of ice, but like Bambi’s wobbly legs can stand, so can you. Just as the seasons promise, a new spring will come.

4. Toy Story confessed, there’s a power in numbers we hate to accept. We’re stubborn and close-minded and proud to be alone. But, one day someone will enter your life and when they help you carry your baggage, you’ll never realize how heavy it was until they put it down. Find the strength you’ve always needed in someone else and you’ll never again feel weak.

5. Alice in Wonderland says, we are who we believe we are and we are what we think we’re capable of. Embrace your flaws, your madness, your confusion. Hold an opinion and hold your own for we live in a world aching to change us. Embrace who you are, not who you will one day be. Life is a single step. Get lost, fall down, be late. Stop running.

 You have to live and the happily ever after will follow.


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tell your tragedy.


You don’t have to write a novel, fill a gallery with art or direct a play to tell your story. Find a way that works. Find a way to tell your tragedy. To inspire the ones on the same path. Your story is the cuts beneath your skin. The bags beneath your eyes. The dirt beneath your nails. Not everyone can see and not everyone will understand but, the ones that do need you to use the dirt on your hands to help them build their own castle in the sand.

simple loose leaf [november review]

Untitledc dsAs an avid tea drinker with little interest in trying anything different than green tea, I was truly excited when I arranged with Simple Loose Leaf to do a review of their monthly subscription box. This company eliminates the process of sampling teas at specialty shops or standing in front of the (low quality) and basic selection in the supermarkets.


Each month, Simple Loose Leaf sends their subscribers 4-6 new flavoured teas including : a black tea, green tea, white tea, flavoured tea and a oolong or pu-erh tea. Subscribers are able to receive the sample back or alternate their subscription by choosing two of that months teas. Personally, I will be opting for the sample pack considering this is a perfect opportunity to try unique teas that I would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.

COST - Join the Simple Loose Leaf club for $15 a month. All members can then order more tea from ‘The Shop’ for a members only, 50% off discount.

SUBSCRIPTIONS - 1 month, 3 month and 6 month subscriptions are available.

INCLUDES - 4-6 unique packages of tea which make up to 6 to 7 cups of tea each and the equivalent number of steep bags.


Although the packaging is minimal and beautiful, I  felt it would have been more informative if it had included a card saying more about the company and/or products. I did however use the Internet to learn more about Simple Loose Tea and am impressed with the company. I was thrilled to see that they make all teas available for purchase after the samples have been sent out. This means you can stumble upon a favourite tea and still be able to find it afterwards. I am so happy with the company, the product and the design. I cannot wait to sample all of the teas as the weather begins to get colder.

This is a perfect Christmas present that will keep on giving for your mom, sister, best friend or any tea lover in your life.

For more information, visit Simple Loose Leaf.

you’re human.

Your family may fight but it shows that they’re there. Your job may be boring but it means you still have one. Your skin may be flawed but it means that you’ve grown. Your mistakes may be bad but it means that you’re human. Your smile may be temporary but it means there’s still hope. Your life may be hard but it means that you’re living and the fact that you’re living; means you’ve done something right.

this time could be different.


You wait for someone to come into your life and tell you you’re perfect. Tell you they can’t live without you; you’re always on their mind. But when those feelings are foreign and you hear them with a meaningless ring, you panic.

You can’t believe someone’s pushing your hair back to better look into your eyes. You can’t believe they’re holding your hand, despite your nail biting habit and horribly dry skin. You can’t believe they sacrificed their Saturday night to find the shiny pieces of your shattered self. You can’t believe it, so you don’t. You run from the possibility that this time could be different.

life is simply existence.


A house isn’t a home without the people beneath the roof. A vacation isn’t worth the trip without the culture you embrace. A friendship isn’t more then company until you learn to let them in and a relationship is only lust until you find someone to love. A job is simply work until you’re doing something worthwhile and your life is simply existence until you truly start to live.

Don’t give up too soon, for life has more to offer. The people will change and situations will happen. There are things beyond your control. There are things not worth the pain. Find your outlook, find what’s right, and you will never search for happiness again.

I would blame you.


I wish I could blame you for the mess I’ve become. I would blame you for the times I laid on my cold, wooden floors. Curled in a ball with crippling thoughts. I would blame you for the nine a.m’s you made me miss, the days in bed you made me have. For the hours spent wishing I was someone else.

I would blame you for the times I believed your lies. The times you pulled me close and kissed my forehead, promising a future in us. For showing me a sadness I didn’t know possible. A sadness I didn’t know how to survive.

I would blame you because I could forgive you before I ever forgave myself.