this crazy thing called life.

There will be a day when you realize, life’s been busy changing. Your drinking buddy’s having a baby while your best friend’s tying the knot. The familiar faces of your hometown have scattered across the world and the girl whose name you once knew is the face of the biggest magazines. The jocks are chugging beers and the nerds are making money. The pretty girls still love the drunks while you’re just relieved you’ve moved on.

And on this day you’ll see, there are people behind you and people ahead of you in this crazy thing called life. We’re in a race, competing against a world that knows no rules and plays by no standard. No one comes out the winner and with that, no one comes out the loser. You’re tired and you’re gasping but as long as you keep running, you’re playing the game right.

pain isn’t permanent.

sadtumblrwallpapers28229The pain isn’t permanent. It goes away as graceful as the sky fills with colour after a storm. As temporary as a pavement of chalk beneath rain. So don’t worry. Once today’s pain is yesterdays, you’ll be given a clean slate to make a mess.

Live your days like stepping stones, as if it’s the only path you have. You’ll gain balance and strength with each stride and live life with no desire to look back. One day, you’ll be so fortunate you pushed through and only then will you see, why the path you had to take, brought to you to where it did.

we are the villains.

4779629510_9c822e0594We want to be the main character with a promising storyline and lovable flaws, but too often, we are the villains. Too often do we give ourselves the poisonous apple. We turn a gun on the people in our way and willingly put on the mask to taunt the damsel in distress that is ourselves. We walk away, head held high as everything we know burns in a dramatic explosion, for the monsters and daemons, they all live inside us. Our psychological wounds act as the red stain around our lips or the scar above our eye. It acts as the underlining story, making us the self-destructive people we’re ashamed to be.

body morphia [review]

tumblr_mcgdk90cji1r8x9g6o1_500Body Morphia is a Canadian company that offers a subscription to a ‘bag’ full of health and fitness related products, delivered to your door every month. The Body Morphia bag costs $19.99/month. Every month has a theme. This months (September) was called ‘Back 2 Gym and Fitness Class’.

DSC_2800Reusable Gym/Beach Bag

DSC_2803JSK Pro Protein Crunch: A natural source of protein & fibre in the form of pumpkin seeds. This appears to be a full-sized product that would make for a good snack that can get you through the day.

Reach African Mango: I’m not one to take supplements so if I do decide to try this product, it will be after a lot of research and reviews! It is said to be suggested by Dr.Oz as a weight loss supplement.

DSC_2805Trachealth (Simple Super Seeds Chia): This simple product seems similar to a packet of Crystal Light. You mix the packet into a glass of water and are left with a Strawberry Lemonade flavoured drink full of omega 3’s, electrolytes and fiber.

Kaizen (ephedrinehcl): A sample packet of medication, used as decongestant to relieve nasal congestion. I’m hesitant on trying new pills and will probably leave this included product, unused.

Simple Protein Nut & Fruit: These three packages were immediately my favourite product from this subscription. The bars have a similar texture to Rice Crispies and range from flavours of Almond Cherry to Peanut Butter Strawberry.

Although the idea of these products inspired me to get healthy, I don’t know if I would subscribe to this service considering I don’t know what some of these products truly are/the health advantage to them. That being said, Body Morphia is perfect for someone who is very serious about working out and is educated about nutrition.

for the animals.

tumblr_lp1akgJidR1qh81keo1_500_largeWhy can’t we speak for the animals? Why can’t we have a meat-free diet without being considered a hippie. Why can’t we have a love for cats without being lonely or stand behind PETA without being accused of following a trend. We can’t smile at a puppy without being weak or give the animals love back, without being crazy.

Perhaps animal lovers just need to find that love. Our therapists, our companions, our family. It’s unconditional. It’s irreplaceable. A love that can be felt with no words, no sounds, no grand gestures. A rare thing in life that reminds us that sometimes, love can be silent.

life in the 90’s.

tumblr_lhyezp46Ra1qaobbko1_500_largeLife in the 90’s were simple. They were easy. Our TV’s played cartoons, not the madness in the news. Stress was level 50 in Bop-It or the sound of your VHS, jamming in your machine. We expressed ourselves on Paint documents and through our latest Art Attack. Crime was a Mary Kate and Ashley episode including ghosts and amusement parks while horror was the theme song to Goosebumps, you forgot to turn off in time.

And in the midst of perfection, and our picket fence lives, there was death, and loss and tragedy. Meaning we have been taught to fear a world that once offered so much happiness. We’re no longer hidden from truth so we can no longer pretend it’s not there. Which leaves us to wonder, did we like the 90’s or did we like the opportunity to live in oblivion?

we live our lives held back.

cliff-jumpingStress is the stacking of bricks, melting into the soft ground beneath. It’s the little things, the loud noises, the never-ending cycle of burden. Stress is a boiling kettle, a staircase to nowhere, a sea of due dates and obligations. We live in a world that offers everything but owes us nothing and with that; there’s not enough time, not enough sleep, not enough strength.

They can tell you to relax, to calm down, to stop getting worked up over nothing but that’s like throwing a dart and missing the target. That’s like an empty promise that things will workout. So we live our lives held back, with no clue what to do, for stress is the weight of the wagon you continue to pull, leaving pieces of yourself in it’s tracks.

the other side.

teeter-totterThe less they give the more you want and the farther they are, the closer you get. You can’t seem to understand balance. That life is about finding someone to sit on the other side of the teeter tooter. Someone who you can trust, that won’t let you fall. Someone who will lift you up or help you down but won’t let go.

But in case that seat’s empty, when you’re walking past the park, remember balance is also the ability to stand on your own. Balance is a bike ride, forcing you to move forward in order to stay upright. To understand balance is to finally understand the ability to hold on, or let go, but not fall down.

phone case of the month [review]

tumblr_mcgdk90cji1r8x9g6o1_500We can all relate to the struggle in finding an affordable, quality phone case with a design you actually like. We look in Apple stores, the unimpressive selection at Wal-Mart or deep in the online world. Phone Case of The Month has taken this problem from our hands. Once a month, they will send you one unique, case for your iPhone or Samsung. Only 200 copies of each design are made. I find that to be an impressive factor.

dsc_2794The cost is $10 a month with free shipping to the US and $5 for international.

The package gets delivered straight to your door or mailbox. The contents come in a reusable pouch.

  1. one well designed phone case
  2. one piece of candy
  3. one ‘kiss my case’ sticker
  4. one matching card including a relevant quote.

All that is, all that was, it’s just a dream.

If all dreams are what they seem,

may all my dreams come true.

dsc_2790I’ve never had a constant need to build a collection of phone cases but as a result, I forgot the sense of gratification in holding  what appears to be a ‘new’ phone. These cases are affordable and the bonus idea of immediate cancellation means you can let your phone case collection grow as large as you want.

I wouldn’t have picked this case off the shelf so I’m amazed how much I like it. The idea of using the subscription to help embrace change and gain inspiration is a great way to help start a new, fresh month. They seem to be aware of their target group and can offer the most stylish, most ‘Tumblr’ inspired prints.

Great subscription. I’m hoping to sign up within the next month!

For more information, visit Phone Case of The Month

stop and look around.

tumblr_mfsvpxR8DE1s0dqi6o1_500_largeStop and look around or you’ll miss a puppy see it’s first flower, or a baby take it’s first steps. You’ll miss the teen on the bus give their seat to an elderly women and your secretive neighbor will hold open the door. You’ll miss one homeless person share their sandwich with another and you’ll watch a child’s face light up, with a new teddy in their arms.

You’ll look at your feet because life doesn’t deserve your smiles. You have the ability to be selective. To see what you want – to want what you know. And with every step you’ll remind yourself of heartbreak and pain. The humans that start wars and the evil on the news. You look down to avoid a truth you can’t stand. The world is full of messed up people. Broken people, and for as long as you let yourself hide from reality, you’re letting yourself be one of them.