friendship is timeless.

friend-friends-girl-grass-h3rsmile-tumblr-com-her-smile-favim-com-55302Friendship is timeless. It’s partying into the morning, it’s talking into the night. It’s looking back thinking why did we do that? But never once saying, I wish we didn’t. Friendship is never saying goodbye. It’s conversation’s left open. No punctuation, no distance, no barriers between us.

Friendship is growth. Growing old. Growing wise. I’ll hold your hair when you’re drunk and feeling sick. I’ll hold you when you’re crying over him. I’ll hold your bouquet before you walk down the isle, and I’ll hold your child when they’re rested in my arms. I’ll hold our memories so close to my heart and I’ll hold onto the thought that you’re never too far.

5 ways to break a bad habit.

Addiction isn’t just a skinny body, withering away in a back ally. It isn’t a collection of needles and pages of debt. Addiction is an unhealthy habit that affects you physically and/or mentally. It can be drugs and alcohol, food, people or even a negative mentality.

tumblr_m4t9v9BVTF1qzhokmo1_1280-e13510975806531. End Temptation. If it’s in eyesight or easily accessible, there’s a really good chance convenience will overtake will power. Clear your living space of all links to your habit, all reminders and delete the necessary numbers.

Temptation can also come from boredom so, keep yourself distracted. If you focus on positive thoughts and activities, you won’t have time to think about falling back into your toxic routine.

2. Find The Triggers. We have triggers for everything, be it anxiety, sadness, or temptation. Find what triggers your habit and remove it from your life. Sometimes that means avoiding songs that take you back to a dark place, going to certain places, seeing specific people or even a time of the day. Rearrange your schedule – and essentially your life – to remove as much memory of your past.

3. Substitute. Remove the bad and add in the good. Try exercising, eating instead of smoking, hanging out with positive people as opposed to negative ones or find an art form to help you convey your emotions when you find yourself stressed. Analyze your bad habit and realize how much of your day and overall thought process it consumes, then make a plan to fill that empty space before actually attempting it.

4. Change your mindset. If you’re not confident you can beat your habit, there’s a very good chance you can’t. You know you’re more capable then your report card reveals and more accomplished then the impossible level of Angry Birds insists. Keep in mind the famous quote by Henry Ford, whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re right. Visualize your success, use a positive language and you’ll be able to achieve your goal.

5. Say a Proper Goodbye. People aren’t unrealistic. They know how challenging it is to quit something cold turkey, so don’t expect this of yourself. Set a day you want to be clean by and start a gradual fade out. Take the time to say a proper goodbye. Send a letter or write one, without sending it. Have a bonfire to burn haunting memories or even go on vacation. This will allow you to draw a clear line of your life before and your life after.

you walked away so easy.

You walked away so easy, you didn’t scream or cry.

You didn’t punch a wall and you didn’t ask me why.


You walked away so easy, I guess you didn’t care.

You didn’t say you love me and I don’t see that as fair.


You walked away so easy and I watched your every step.

I cringed and then I frowned, at the high speed pace you kept.


You walked away so easy, leaving me the pain I thought you’d know.

I walked away so broken, but I’ll never let it show.

keeping up with everyone else.

tumblr_lx2hgdZonS1qjdrnzo1_500We wear our clothes until they’re riddled with holes and sulk above a garbage can when it’s time to say goodbye. We consider vintage a shirt we misplaced from the 90’s. Our workday is good when a co-worker brings doughnuts and our kids live in shame if they’re named after fruit.

Our Beamers look like Hondas. We have mortgages, not handbags. We can’t claim fame off a DUI arrest and our haircuts don’t make headlines. We are not movie stars. We are not society’s fixation.

We are, can I get another pack of ketchup? We are 5 p.m. in rush hour. We are two-hour waiting rooms. We are another face in the crowd. We are everyone else.

as they walk away.

tumblr+couple+love+sad+wallpapers+(3)We can’t help but fight for people as they walk away. We want to go with them, whether it’s the depth of a rabbit hole or a sun shining walk. We want what we can’t have and we want what we don’t need. We cling to the things we think are security. Things that are our life jacket on shore, our ladder on the ground, our umbrella in the sun.

It’s the power of scared. Being scared of having no life jacket when you need it to float. No way to climb down; when the height is too much. No way to stay dry, when the sky fills with rain. We can’t seem to believe there’s a way to live without. There are things we just don’t need. So, fear holds onto us as tight as we hold onto it.

hole in my heart.

My life has been flawed and my life has been hard.

I got dealt my hand and I played the wrong card.


My mistakes made me strong and my mistakes made me smart.

But my mistakes left me pain with a hole in my heart.


So please give me time and I’ll tell you it all.

Then maybe you’ll see why I’ve put up this wall.

a moment meant to last.

It’s the start of a good thing, the start of a love song, the start of a moment meant to last. Because after tonight the stars will dance a little different, and the waves will kiss a little softer and the sun will beam a little brighter.

We’ll share yesterday’s that will change our tomorrow’s. We’ll tell secrets we can’t take back, make memories we can’t forget. Our pasts will be that time, or I remember when. They won’t be right now because right now is us and right now is perfect.

a million thoughts.

This can’t go for all ‘cause for some it’s not true.

But some of you know, there’s a mad genius in you.


You run off no sleep and your hair is astray.

You suffer a million thoughts, per second, per day.


Your reward will come and things will end fine.

An impossible thought but a matter of time.

5 ways to get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep has so much control over the well being of our lives, but not enough people remember the last time they got a night of flawless slumber. The Internet is full of suggestions and ideas for those desperate to get a few hours of shuteye, but I spent a few months figuring out my own.

tumblr_m5vyw2ShpG1r2rxxlo1_5001. Atmosphere. Find the atmosphere you like sleeping in. Some people like it cold, some people like hot, some people like the noise of a fan in the background, the list goes on. Try out different combinations and find the temperature and sounds that enhance your sleep condition.

2. Analyze Your Mind. Too many people think relaxation is the key to a good night’s sleep but, if your mind can’t stop racing, don’t lie still and hope you’ll fall into a sleep. Instead, stimulate your mind. Try to count back from 100 by 3’s. This will make your mind work and focus on something other then your thoughts. Even if your mind wanders, bring it back to the task at hand.

3. Quality of Your Bed. We all want our bed to be equivalent to a cloud, yet sleep hygiene is something we often ignore. Wash your sheets regularly, change your pillows once they lose their support and occasionally flip your mattress if required.

4. A Date With Sleep. Pamper yourself and really prepare your body and mind for a goodnight sleep. Have a bath prior using lavender soap. Set flame-less candles around your bedroom, play soft music, turn off the light and carry your relaxed state of mind into a nightlong slumber.

5. Empty Your Mind. Find a planner that works best for you. Find one with a month view, a week view and lines to write additional work.  Before going to bed, fill in your schedule accordingly and make to-do lists for the following day or week. Create a grocery list if required and essentially clear your mind of all things that could keep you up.

a stand still escape.

It’s the time of night when your phone doesn’t ring and there’s nothing on TV. The food tastes better, the drinks are colder and the hours move slower. The world goes to sleep, while you come alive. You have no where to be except the depth of your dreams and they’ll wait, because you’ve found a sense of calm while awake and for once, everything seems perfect, and flawless, and silenced of all wrong. It’s a stand still escape. A sight for tired eyes.