friendship is timeless.

UntitleddsdFriendship is timeless. It’s partying into the morning, it’s talking into the night. It’s looking back thinking why did we do that? But never once saying, I wish we didn’t. Friendship is never saying goodbye. It’s conversations left open. No punctuation, no distance, no barriers between us.

Friendship is growth. Growing old. Growing wise. I’ll hold your hair when you’re drunk and feeling sick. I’ll hold you when you’re crying over him. I’ll hold your bouquet before you walk down the isle, and I’ll hold your child when they’re rested in my arms. I’ll hold our memories so close to my heart and I’ll hold onto the thought that you’re never too far.

18 thoughts on “friendship is timeless.

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    I value my friendships highly and always try to remember to be glad of the amazing people I’ve met so far. Gladness is an instant shortcut to happiness I’ve found.

    I think it is absolutely natural to fall in love a little with your friends. I do so regularly. I’m away from where I made most of my friends right now on the opposite side of the planet but there are days I yearn to see my friends at home. They are the best evidence I have that I’m a decent, interesting human being who is worth knowing.

    All the best,

    • Friendship is such an important relationship to have in your life. My friends have gotten me through some of the hardest times, it’s a relief to know you have people there for you. I’m sorry you’re so distant from your friends but that’s such a great perspective they’ve given you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful thought. Friendships really are necessary and such a great thing to have. When you can live States away from each other and still catch up like nothing has changed, that’s how you know you are friends for life :).

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