a lifetime away.

Shadow-Woman-Beach__56684-1024x682You look at an old photograph and can’t remember the feelings you felt or the person you were. It’s like looking at a strangers life, and how weird it is to be a stranger to yourself. There was a day when you couldn’t imagine being the age you are now. It was such a foreign thought. It felt a lifetime away.

When did you become everything you said you’d never be? When did you lose hope in who you are? Let go of the missed opportunities that spun your life a different direction. Take the person you lost, and the person you are, and figure out the person you’re supposed to be. Until then, you’re an outsider, looking onto a life that’s already past.

escape yourself.

tumblr_lobj3qhiof1qmk2mco1_400_largeThere’s no boat that can take you far enough, no plane that can take you high enough, no car that can take you fast enough, to escape yourself. You need somewhere to go when reality starts to burden and you’re suffocated by your mind. Life’s a game with no time outs, no free passes. If you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t change it, you don’t hate it that much. How do you expect to run from your problems if you can’t even put them down?

drunk on dark skies.

tumblr_mfqiwmJzBv1rsyufto1_500I don’t want you in the morning the way I wanted you last night. I was drunk on dark skies, the warmth of your body, the idea that good morning are the words I’ve been missing. I like when we whisper under the sheets, and close our eyes mid conversation. Then we reach a point when the talking stops and the sweet words fade and I lie awake beside you remembering, tomorrow can happen without you.


tumblr-girl-black-and-white-shirt_largeSome people are simply motivation. Your enemy should make you want to be better, your ex should make you want to do better. You need someone to push you on stage despite stage fright. Someone to chase you in threat so you’ll run. Someone to taint your once confidence so you’re driven to get it back.

Don’t say someone never gave you anything because for better or for worse, they gave you a reason to wake up in the morning. As long as you come out stronger, you can’t wish for anything better. So, don’t feel sorry for yourself in hopes that someone else will too.

5 childhood games that prepared us for adulthood.

Little did we know growing up, that our school yard games were preparing us for the honest truth about life. Ignorance is bliss and the games that once made us smile and laugh, are now the rules we love to break and the games we dread playing.

cute-day-month-pastel-phone-Favim.com-3624901. Telephone. Telephone reveals the truth about the corruption in our communication system. There’s more entertainment in making assumptions and twisting the truth to the point where it tells a different story. We know the truth is somewhere out there, but we accept whatever we’re given in it’s place. There’s only so many times you can say ‘operator’ before you’re forced to shrug, laugh, and believe what you think you heard.

2. Simon Says. We’ve grown up, taught to obey authority. Promised that once we’re adults, we’ll be introduced to freedom. Simon Says tells us the importance in listening to a ‘higher power’. If someone says jump, you say how high, and you fall victim to the punishment if you chose to disobey. Don’t step out of line, don’t dance to your own beat and don’t think these rules ever stop applying.

3. Three-Legged Race. We think the finish line is within our reach, that the strength of our legs is enough to carry us to success. We don’t understand that we’re not in this game alone. Life’s a three-legged race. We can’t win without help. We can’t win without teamwork. It’s a lot harder to work against life then with it.

4. Red Rover. Red Rover taught us the instant betrayal that comes when picking sides. We had seconds to decide if we would break the rules and run lightly, in hopes to return to our team or we’d aim for the weak in hopes to carry out our plan. There’s irony in being called over by a group working to keep you out.

5. Duck, Duck, Goose. We were once told we’re all equals, we’re cut from the same cloth. However, when someone is pointed out as different, we’re taught to run in the opposite direction. We put our effort into returning to normality and avoiding the dreaded sentence of being considered different.

the solution is the noise.

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 10.51.34 PMMaybe a Facebook post can’t convince you beauty’s skin deep, and maybe a stream of hashtags can’t save the world. Maybe a single fundraiser can’t cure cancer and maybe a peaceful voice can’t really stop a war. But maybe the solution is the noise that it makes, the eyebrows it raises, the questions it asks. You don’t have to have the loudest voice or the deepest pockets to make a difference. You have to be willing to be apart of a greater plan. You have to understand that even if your voice goes unheard, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

patch it with a lie.

They don’t cheat because you’re not enough, they cheat because they aren’t. They don’t have the ability to love you day to night. They don’t have the confidence to see what they want in your eyes. They come and go like a game of catch between water and sand.

You see their lips moving as they patch it with a lie. They blindfold you with love, fault you for the betrayal. We have to stop blaming ourselves for someone elses wrongs. We have to realize we don’t deserve the hurt we’ve been assigned but we deserve the life we get cheated out of when we get cheated on.

you’re human.

tumblr_m9v2ltIcIG1qe1q4to1_500Your family may fight but it shows that they’re there. Your job may be boring but it means you still have one. Your skin may be flawed but it means that you’ve grown. Your mistakes may be bad but it means that you’re human. Your smile may be temporary but it means there’s still hope. Your life may be hard but it means that you’re living. The fact that you’re living; means you’ve done something right.

bonded by time.

Image-via-amixtapeforthesoul.tumblr.com_Too often, we are bonded by time. By the yo-yo of memories we share with a person. We make our mistakes in pen. Forever imprinting ourselves with things we can’t run from, things we can’t forget. Sometimes we stay, long after loves left because the past is comfortable and the past makes sense.

No matter the depth a relationship has fallen, there’s a way to climb out and escape it’s tight grip. There’s new memories to make and new people to make them with. Don’t lose your sense of wonder. Don’t dirty your blank slate with marker. Don’t forget how to love like you’ve never heard his name.

no second chances.

tumblr_mdac34KIF61qj18i7o1_500Eventually we run out of tomorrows. No do overs, no second chances, we die as who we are and what we have. Our legacy is our failures and the dignity we lose in our final moments unless we leave this world with something better then what we take with us. We can’t keep wasting minutes of an already short life. We can’t keep watching chances get lost in time.