5 shows that taught us more then we knew.

shows1. Boy Meets World. Boy Meets World taught us that although the world is in front of you, it’s not always within your reach. Growing up is about the obstacles, painful lessons and countless up and down’s that will one day help you find your place in the world. Life is a crazy place to navigate without the people who will get you through, proving that love and friendship can endure anything. Your path is paved by the things that scare you, work against you, challenge you. Maybe you’ll never know who you are, or the place you fit in the world. But as long as you do good, you’ll do great.

2. Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Sabrina taught us the honest hardships of being a teenager. There is a sense of freedom that comes with not caring about what others think and although the sincere smiles are as equal as the heartbreaking frowns, to know every emotion means you know every way to get through. Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to appreciate who you really are, but find the people who do and never let them go. Find your mistakes and make them right. Find your flaws and make them shine. Find your path and make it happen.

3. Saved By The Bell.  Saved By The Bell never held back in teaching us the power of friendship. Growing up is hard and regardless of the pain relationships can cause, life would be a lot lonelier without them. Look at your friends, whether they’re short, tall, male, female, a dork, a jock, a trouble maker. Someone’s exterior will never change who they are inside and how they feel about you. Friendship is about diversity and breaking limits. Let others make judgment. Let them guess who you are. Only your true friends will know and only your true friends will care enough to find out.

4. Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie McGuire taught us the unhappiness that comes with living life, pretending to be someone you’re not. Embrace your flaws and the people who accept them. Believe in yourself and the strength of your voice. Lizzie McGuire taught us that growing up is inevitable but life is about the day you finally understand. You’ll understand why friendships were broken, why relationships failed, why your parents were strict. You’ll laugh at the pointless fights you fought, the awkward things you said, the times gravity worked against you. One day you’ll understand that the things that happened to you; aren’t what make you, you.

5. Full House. Full House taught us that family is beyond a mom and dad. There is love in different households that we have only now began to accept. Unconventional doesn’t mean broken just like blood doesn’t imply a bond. Full House taught us that relationships are about sacrifice but in return you will go to bed, with your heart filled with happiness. You’ll close your eyes knowing tomorrow you can once again endure that madness, that makes it worth it.

just another guy.

UntitledcxzGirls will meet you. They’ll shake your hand, learn your name and catch a glimpse of your smile.

But they’ll never know the comfort I get, when my hand is interlocked in yours. They’ll never know the places we’ve been or the stories we’ve told, all while never letting go.

They’ll never know the times I called your name, laughing and yelling as I surrendered to your tickle match. They’ll never know the pain behind the times I dialed your phone, drunk and vulnerable at two a.m.

They’ll never love your smile like I do. Embracing every chance to make you happy. They’ll never hear the jokes you mutter, from your half amused smirk.

To her, you are just another handshake. Another name, another smile.

To her, you are just another guy.

this time could be different.

UntitleddfvdfYou wait for someone to come into your life and tell you you’re perfect. Tell you they can’t live without you; you’re always on their mind. But when those feelings are foreign and you hear them with a meaningless ring, you panic.

You can’t believe someone’s pushing your hair back to better look into your eyes. You can’t believe they’re holding your hand, despite your nail biting habit and horribly dry skin. You can’t believe they sacrificed their Saturday night to find the shiny pieces of your shattered self. You can’t believe it, so you don’t. You run from the possibility that this time could be different.

comapny we think we want.

UntitlegfdgdOne day you’ll meet someone and they’ll numb you like a drug. You won’t feel real emotion – but life won’t seem so dark. Time will pass. You’ll fixate on your twisted thoughts and the person who compliments them. You’ll watch them destroy your dreams to build their own. You’ll believe something so bad is something you’ve always wanted.

Sometimes when we stay with people, it’s an addiction anchoring us to the company we think we want. We hate to accept that there are people out there who aren’t good for us. People who encourage bad habits and distort right from wrong. We feel so toxic to ourselves; we can’t believe being with someone could be worse then being alone.

an impossible thing for you.

UntitleduhinThings are easier when you’re drunk. You have the courage to do things you wouldn’t otherwise dare. You can say what’s on your mind, put voice in your opinions, form relationships, carry extensive conversations. Unfortunately, those are things others can do daily, and easily. Normal is such an impossible thing for you. Your sober self can’t help but wonder, how can people afford to be so vulnerable?

Maybe they’re not vulnerable. Maybe they just have more trust to give, more good to gain. You don’t drink at the bar because it’s a Friday night tradition. You don’t crave a night of the Dougie or a jacket covered in dirt. You don’t like asking the cab driver about his childhood or challenging a group of high-tolerance frat boys to a Jäger bomb battle. You don’t crave the alcohol as much as you crave the freedom it gives you. It’s the sort of existence reality deprives you of. The sort of different you’re better off drowning.

the something that sticks around.

UntitledrfgLove is the something that sticks around, even when they’re gone. It’s not their physical presence. It’s not a sense you’ve lived to know. It’s the impact they have on your life. It fills blanks you didn’t know you had. Shines a light you didn’t know you need. Love is when they’re here and love is knowing they’ll be back. Love is a stumble worth the risk of a fall.

Love is emotions you learn to cherish. A spark you wish to ignite. One of those things you mistake for perfection. It’s the noise that plays in silence. The times you hate to ask, how long is forever? Because love is the pain of knowing that time will let you down.

words you regret.

UntitleddssfYou sit in your embarrassment. Helplessly watching your actions slip through good judgement. You say words you regret, make decisions you wish you didn’t and self-sabotage your reputation. Even after you accept your weakness and after you promise you’ve changed, the damage is done and there’s no going back. Maybe they’ll forgive you, pretend those years didn’t happen, those mistakes aren’t yours to own up to, but despite what we want to believe, we live in the shadows of our uncomfortable pasts.

their own problems.

UntitledccccYou don’t hate life as much as you think you do. You hate that there are people who make it look easy. They tell you not to worry; they tell you everyone has their own problems.

Still, you resent the ones who get an extra Friday night with their friends, who celebrated a holiday with more cheer then you, whose Instagram accounts are filled with more smiles then yours. Of course they’ve been sad, and they’ve felt their share of pain but they don’t sacrifice the time you do. They don’t with a black cloud above their head. Either way, it’s not that you want a life without rain. You just want to know you’re not the only one getting wet.

gloomy day.

dfsfUntitledNot enough people appreciate the beauty in a gloomy day. The sky teases us for hours with raindrops and distant thunder. It’s a day of suspense, a beautiful build up. We carry on, living our lives beneath a chaotic mess and we live knowing the end is worth waiting for. The darkest days have the quietest air, letting a person’s true self be revealed for there’s no better test then how someone weathers the storm. Thunderstorms aren’t sadness just like happiness isn’t the sun. Just like people who leave the clouds in the hands of the sky see a different allure then those who hold the clouds on a string.

5 small pleasures we lost to technology.

There’s no denying the speed the worlds turning and the way life’s changing. Technology is taking over and destroying the little things as it goes. We’re nostalgic for the things that are now only a memory. We let a smile escape across our lips at the very thought of the things we once took for granted.

techolongy1. Film Cameras. Cameras once refused to let you live behind the lens. You weren’t able to fill your camera roll with pictures that will one day be as lost as your phone on a sticky bar floor. A single snap is no longer enough. You need angles, poses, unnatural moments. You will never know the life that’s lost between reality and your phone screen.

2. Renting a Movie. Wandering amongst the high shelves of Blockbuster was a Friday night on it’s own. Pointing at movie covers and laughing at the times you saw it with friends or shaking your head at your once celebrity crush. We’ve lost adventure to convenience and the sound of laughter to hollow clicks.

3. Desktop Computers. It was sneaking downstairs at midnight as your family laid fast asleep. You turned on the computer and cringed as the start up sound echoed through the house. Your bed was empty, your heart was racing. You couldn’t pull a computer on your lap, or check your favourite sites on your phone. You had to sneak back into bed a few hours later, smirking at your midnight adventure.

4. MSN. There once was a time you could escape the madness of the world outside of your home. You could leave the drama, the stories, the gossip as words behind the computer screen, waiting for you to come back. Text messages have become haunting. Leaving us unable to run without the promise of being chased.

5. Calendars. There used to be one benefit in starting a new year of school which was, a brand new agenda. Fresh sheets waiting to be personalized. Marking the doodles from class boredom. Hearts filled with monthly crushes. Personalized script reminding of weekend plans. Pages ripped out to pass to friends in class. The older we get, the clearer we can see that paper tells a better story then letters on a screen ever will.