they don’t understand.

UntitledcscsaThey don’t understand. They don’t understand why you’ve collapsed on the side of the road, sobbing hysterically into your hands. They don’t understand why their messages sit in your inbox, unacknowledged for days. They don’t understand why your mind wanders to dark places, despite their constant pleas to cheer up.

Don’t get it wrong, they care – but they don’t understand.

They don’t understand how you’ve lost respect for life, how you can’t find anything to live for. You hold onto the familiar, aching to relive the simpler days. They don’t understand how you’ve stopped dreaming. You’ve stopped embracing the warmth of fresh laundry. You’ve stopped savoring the last sip of your morning tea. You’ve stopped smiling at the innocent, young faces you see on the street. You’ve stopped living.

19 thoughts on “they don’t understand.

  1. When it comes to mental…issues no one really understands. All you can hope for is someone to help you through it. I’ve been there in that dark place

      • Unfortunately my depression is like a pendulum. I’m fine and then suddenly I’m not and without warning. I don’t like clogging my system with meds so I paint, write, go for walks

  2. I had a friend ask me how I cured my depression and all I got do was look at her and tell her that I haven’t. It never really goes away. It is always there, lurking like a demon in the shadows. But I am finding me way through it with writing as well. And reading your writing always helps. Thank you!

    • I know what you mean. Regardless of the good days, there are still gloomy ones in the horizon. Which is something to just accept and learn to overcome I suppose. I hope my posts have helped you to not feel so alone.

  3. Reblogged this on GraySkyHippie and commented:
    About sums it all up! Sorry I’m MIA. It’s just been one of those down sloping times, I keep waiting for it to level out or even rush upward! Love this post. It is so true for me. How I feel. Even if some get it, it still never feels that way! At least currently. :/

  4. Some don’t understand. Always remember… just some.

    Yes, you have some gloomy days on some horizons ahead, and Life will happen, but you write so much of the story. Don’t give up your pen in any sense.

    A few decades of horizons down the depression road, the best lessons I’ve learned (paid for dearly) are these: Don’t underestimate physical factors. (Get blood panels run by a good naturopathic physician.) Clean up your diet to eat only clean and living food. Get sunshine. Get exercise (break a sweat regularly).

    Look at what you’re really sad about or afraid of or why you’re angry. It will always surface anyway (even over the decades). Find a safe place to look it in the eye, accept it, and keep going. The body doesn’t lie. Listen to your gut.

    You have a strength when you’re young that you don’t realize. I promise it’s there. Channel it, harness it, and make it work for you.

    I hope you NEVER stop writing. You have a rare gift.

    • Thank you so much for saying that. Sometimes it’s important to hear reassurance and encouragement to keep writing. Those are some great pieces of advice you shared, I really hope others read this post. I especially agree in the importance of eating healthy and taking care of yourself!

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