you’ll deprive the world.

Don’t ever let your life end short or you’ll deprive the world of everything  you have to offer. You won’t be there to hold the door open for the fragile lady, overwhelmed with groceries. You won’t be there to smile across the subway to someone suffering Monday morning blues. You won’t tell your co worker a joke you heard on the radio, or send a contagious laugh through the coffee shop line.

Cause them tears from a punch line, not from their loss. Give them smiles for your future, not from your memories. Give them a hug to hold onto, not to remember.  We’re all given the same power to make a difference, to give our life purpose. We’re all able to make good from the bad and turn a life we can’t stand, into a life worth standing for. Every time you feel misplaced, and lost in a world where you don’t belong, remember sometimes life is about the lives you’re saving, when you don’t even think you can save your own.

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