seconds that turn into minutes.

csaacaUntitledWe spend our lives waiting for the weekend, for retirement, for the alarm clock to ring. We wait for love to find us, for happiness to shine on us, for success to cling to our name. We’re waiting for a tomorrow that isn’t promised.

Your life is not your friends wedding, or an annual family vacation. It isn’t an anticipated payday or the joy of the Christmas season.  Your life is seconds that turn into minutes, months that turn into years.  This moment is not your life. Tomorrow is not your life, a year from now is not your life. Your life is everything you’ll one day look back on.  The emotions you’ve felt, the memories you made. It’s the little things that are big things, that you’re throwing away with the hands of the clock.

14 thoughts on “seconds that turn into minutes.

  1. There are many, many people out their who have the benefit of many, many more years of hindsight to work with who still haven’t gained this type of insight.

    so how old are you really? ;-)

    Nah…. That ain’t it.
    You’re just learning a whole lot faster than many, many people.

    • Considering how lost and oblivious I felt about life, up until now, that’s so great to hear. It’s amazing to hear how much more I have to learn. It’ll be interesting to see how my perspectives and opinions change as I grow up. Thank you so much for commenting!

      • Actually, my wise little sister (you don’t seem to give yourself the credit you deserve – or don’t realize you deserve it), you have brought to mind a post I have in draft stage about five seconds that changed my life. Entirely. Forever.
        Anything had gone differently, I wouldn’t be with my wife of 38 years and our kids of 37 and 37 years and our grandson of 9 years.
        I wouldn’t be living in California (yippee!!) but I might still be living in New Jersey (SHIT!!!!).
        I’m trying to figure out if I can re-blog this post of yours as an introduction to mine.
        If not, would it be alright with you if I just copy and paste in into mine as an introduction along with a link to your blog?
        I think they’d go well with each other – someone in their early twenties bringing up the thought, someone forty years older thinking back to when that actually, really, seriously happened.
        Let me know, and give some thought to following me at

      • Absolutely! Feel free to reblog or copy and link. That always means a lot when others want to go as far as share my work. I will give your blog a follow now. Looking forward to reading more from you. More specifically, the post you’re talking about here.

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