before you let the madness in.

Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 12.52.29 AMIn a world full of loud noises, it’s hard to hear your own. It’s hard to stand up for yourself and the things you care about most. Your opinions make you who you are; they validate your place in the world. Somewhere inside you is the person you were before you let the madness in.

Treat your mind as a sacred place. Don’t let someone leave footsteps in your snow. Don’t let your blank slate dirty with doodles. Embrace controversy.  Agree to disagree, for you can’t stand behind your opinions if you can’t stand up for them.

If you let yourself be putty, waiting to be shaped. Waiting to be influenced. They’ll turn you into something you hate, then they’ll turn you into something they hate, then they’ll turn on you. You’ll be left dizzy, confused and so far from home. You have to understand that a life worth living is how you look at the world, not how the world looks at you.

15 thoughts on “before you let the madness in.

  1. Always back up what you say – and listen to others, because if they make valid and constructive points, it’s okay to let positivity shape you a little bit!

  2. I feel it’s a balancing act.. If you are too closed off to experiences then you’ll probably miss out on some really awesome things.. Intelligence is the ability to consider something you do not agree with, but accept that you have your own view as well..

    Food for thought though :)

    • I agree in the balancing act. There’s a way to stand for what you feel is right but without being close-minded to the people and life around you. We should always be willing to learn without mindlessly being changed. Thank you so much for sharing!

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