gloomy day.

Not enough people appreciate the beauty in a gloomy day. The sky teases us for hours with raindrops and distant thunder. It’s a day of suspense, a beautiful build up. We carry on, living our lives beneath a chaotic mess and we live knowing the end is worth waiting for. The darkest days have the quietest air, letting a person’s true self be revealed for there’s no better test then how someone weathers the storm. Thunderstorms aren’t sadness just like happiness isn’t the sun. Just like people who leave the clouds in the hands of the sky see a different allure then those who hold the clouds on a string.

12 thoughts on “gloomy day.

    1. youngandtwenty Post author

      It’s amazing how many people think I’m ‘depressed’ for liking rainy days. They truly need to appreciate the different parts of weather and seasons.

    1. youngandtwenty Post author

      That means a lot, thank you. I never realized I even had a writing style before starting my blog so it’s great to be appreciated. It’s amazing how many people can relate.

  1. jefmiles

    I’ve always loved the sunshine but you know what now that you mention it there is beauty in a gloomy day and the fact that you can stay indoors, watch a video etc is also great :)


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