Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 8.40.00 PMWe’re forced to compare ourselves to the glamorized lives of social media when really, we need the truth. We need to believe in the struggles that lead to triumph. The sense of confusion we can find in others, and the misguided path that leads us through life. We need to address the truth behind the twenties. The things we overcome,  the perspectives we gain, and the inner daemons we’re forced to face.

Be apart of the journey to raise awareness about the stigma of a less then perfect mind.

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 2.03.00 AMI’m a twenty-three year old girl, writing about the struggles of my love life, self-discovery and bottomless mind. This blog is for the times your inner voice becomes unbearable. When no one understands what you’re going through and no one tries. A blog for the times you search chat rooms and books, desperate to find reassurance that you’re not alone. The times you’ve shared your deepest, loneliest feelings and no one took your hand, and said me too.

Sometimes our families don’t understand, our friends don’t have time and our voice shakes too much to turn thoughts into words. We try to make sense of the world while we try to make sense of ourselves and that’s an impossible thing to do alone.

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  1. Jennifer, thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world. I found some of your posts catchy, maybe because of all the raw emotions shining through your words.
    Not trying to take away from anything you’ve experienced, but life will somehow find a way to make sense with each passing day. If I were to describe my 20s I’d say: restless/ confused, madly in love, miserably out of love. I’m now in my 40s and the one thing I would tell my younger self would be: follow your dreams. I also wish someone would’ve told me not to be scared.
    On a different note, you’re writing is really good. You have a fresh voice that makes one pause and continue reading till the end. Have you thought of maybe writing a book? As a writer myself I recognize a unique voice when I see (read) one.
    Keep dreaming–no one can take that away from you!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to say it. As a writer, you must know better then anyone how it feels to be acknowledged. I had given some thought about writing a book but I hate to say the whole process to be published seemed almost ‘impossible’. As a result, I started my blog which seems like it’s been a great stepping stone. I love how you describe you 20’s, seems pretty accurate and that encouragement to keep going is really inspiring. Again, thank you and I’m excited to read your own writing!

  3. We are both at a beautiful and exciting point in our lives where we are just beginning to find ourselves and understand the world. It is really refreshing to find others who blog about their path of self-discovery rather than worrying about keeping up with whats popular. Love your blog and can’t wait to read more!

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