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View my personal resumé, here.

  • July 4th ’14: Nominated for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’ by GITLPP
  • July 9th ’14: Started Writing as a Weekly Writer for Urban Times
  • July 12th ’14: Nominated for ‘The Liebster Award’ by A Reflective Student
  • July 23rd ’14: Nominated for ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by Single and Skinny

7 thoughts on “Achievements

    1. youngandtwenty Post author

      I’m not working a 9-5 as of right now! I’ve decided to try to get into a writing career. Your simple comments and likes is already very helpful, thank you! What do you do?

      1. jefmiles

        I work in Finance for an Investment bank here in Australia.. Not as a banker but a business analyst.. Actually heading to the states in a few days (to Vegas) then on to South America… If you are interested I can connect you to a writer in NYC who may know some people or even someone who could offer some career tips for getting into writing :)

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