no intention to love back.

tumblr_nakwzyFPuo1tg5pjjo1_500Sometimes it’s easier to miss someone then to love them. To close the door instead of let them in. The idea of how things could be substitutes the effort of actually making it happen. In the end, some people cross paths to teach lessons, to change one another, to simply take up time.

If we refuse to give our time to someone so willing to accept it, they have taught us all we need and we have to be fair in releasing their hand, and watching them go. There’s convenience to limbo, to the back burner, to I might miss you if you leave but there’s no reason to accept love, with no intention to love back.

smile when you shouldn’t.

To have a bad day means you know what it’s like to have a good one. It means you’ve smiled instead of frowned. Laughed instead of cried. Gone outside instead of slept. Seen the light and not the dark. Stop giving the bad days the attention you’ve never given the good.

You know the sun will shine tomorrow, you know a rainbow follows the storm, yet it’s an impossible thought to think your good day will come. One day you will learn, you can smile when you shouldn’t. One day you will accept the idea that pain can go away and still not be gone.