we tip toe around the truth.

tight_rope_walker_530wAnd if one day you lose someone who stepped too soon off the sidewalk, who took a fatal trip, or whose life worked against all odds, do nothing more but appreciate the breaths they took and the life they lived.

We can ask our loved ones to stay indoors, to lock the windows, to lay in blankets. We can ask them to stay in the comfort of a shelter, in protection. We fear we’re not strong enough to handle someone else’s pain so we tip toe around the truth that loss is inevitable and pain is survivable.

No matter the path we take or the speed we go, when it comes down to the crash, our life is in as much jeopardy as everyone else in the car. So, don’t let a day go by without remembering, life is never a question of how they died, it’s a question of how they lived.

r.i.p good television.

BEN SAVAGE, DANIELLE FISHEL, ROWAN BLANCHARD, SABRINA CARPENTERAfter watching the new episode of Girl Meets World (as a 90’s child), I’m really interested in hearing others opinions on not only Boy Meets World vs. Girl Meets World but how television in general has changed over the last decade.

It’s frustrating to watch our favourite characters and potentially entertaining shows be turned into a script of quick remarks and one liners that don’t tend to come across as the producers may have hoped. We once spent hours absorbed by teen crisis’s and shook our head in acceptance when the moral of the episode was revealed in the final moments. We laughed, we smiled, and we truly did learn. Television now revolves around ratings not reality. Witty remarks, not wise. Controversy, not consistency.